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Bingli puts empathy back
in Healthcare

Bingli asks smart medical questions in advance so doctors are better prepared and appointments are more time efficient.

Bingli collects personal medical data, gauges complaints and symptoms, asks relevant questions and transmits this information to the doctor. This frees up time to listen, be more empathic, and give information or answer your questions. In a nutshell, it gives doctors more time for personal interaction during appointments.

Bingli for general practitioners

Depending on the reason for the visit, Bingli can ask between 60 and 100% of the medical questions in advance. This prevents rushed appointments, frees up valuable time, and allows you more time to listen and interact with your patients. Bingli can also follow-up with your patients after the initial consultation.

Bingli for specialists

Bingli can ask between 60 and 100% of the medical questions in advance. If required, it can also conduct a triage based on specifications that you set. As such, Bingli can increase the efficacy of your practice and help you to reduce waiting times. Bingli can also follow-up with your patients after the initial consultation.

Bingli for hospitals or out-of-hours services

Bingli offers solutions to improve the interaction between patients and hospitals. This increases patient satisfaction, hospital efficacy and, in turn, ROI. Bingli also increases the quality of data captured, which is important to improve hospital management.

Bingli for other care providers

Bingli offers solutions for all other care providers where patient interaction is key. From a smart medical interview to digitalisation of your fixed questionnaires to following up with patients, Bingli can help you throughout the entire patient journey.

Bingli is based on the medical community’s expert knowledge.


Thanks to the medical community’s expertise, Bingli knows exactly which questions to ask.

Better prepared

As a result, both you and your doctor will be fully prepared for your appointment.

Accurate and complete information

Bingli provides the doctor with the information necessary to make the right diagnosis as quickly as possible.

My patients are more at ease during the consultation and I get better and more relevant information. I can only recommend to every doctor to use Bingli.

Dirk Van Genechten

What our customers say

Bingli’s solution allows us to save two full-time nursing staff, people we can use again for real nursing tasks. In addition, we get all the information structured in our medical records.


Patients like to fill in the pre-operative questions at home. I get better information and can focus on what is important. A real time-saver!

Erik Van der Vorst

Become a Bingli partner

If you have an application that is compatible with our platform, feel free to contact us. Our platform is cloud-based and universal.

Bingli has developed a platform to enhance communication between health care providers and patients. We are firm believers in interoperability; by collaborating with the right partners, we can improve life for patients and healthcare providers, as well as the quality of healthcare.

Partners and rewards

Bingli is a member of the Imec iStart incubator

Bingli is a member of the KBC StartIt programme

Bingli is a member of Netwerk Ondernemen

Bingli is a member of In4Care

Bingli has received the “2018 Best Belgian Startup award”

Piet Van de Steen, MD
Tom Van De putte
Interim - CSO
Steven Van Den Berghe
Developer - Data Scientist
Timothy Barclay, MD
Medical Content Creator
William Declerck, MD
Lead developer
Omar Elebiary
Test Engineer
Maarten Van Loock
Full Stack Engineer
Francis Rousseau
Front-end developer
Eric Bègue
Dirk Van Genechten, MD
Pol Colpaert, MD
Financial Advisor
Walter De Prins